we are rosetta.
The platform for female and gender non-conforming music producers in the Netherlands;
from beginner to professional, from beatmaker to mixing engineer.
You can find us in home studios, high-end studios and on stage, but still far too little on your retina. We make female producers visible and inspire and motivate starting producers.

Het platform voor vrouwelijke en gender non-conforming muziekproducers in Nederland; van beginnend tot professioneel, van beatmaker tot mixing engineer. Je vindt ons in thuisstudio's, high-end studio’s en op het podium, maar nog veel te weinig op je netvlies. Daar brengt rosetta. verandering in.


Wij maken vrouwelijke producers zichtbaar en inspireren en motiveren beginnende producers.


Have you noticed how little we see female producers in traditional and social media?


Through our social media channels, panels and talks you will meet inspiring female and gender non-conforming producers.  

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safe space

Our masterclasses and workshops provide a safe environment for female producers to develop, engage in conversation and strengthen each other.


For starting producers (v/x, 18-28 years) we have developed rosetta.summerschool, an intensive development process in which you take the next step in your musical career.


“For me, the world of audio is like

magic. Sometimes I feel like Alice in Wonderland. It find it exciting that you can arouse emotions in listeners with the technical aspects of production.


A production to me is not only about finding the right kick and snare, but about making the whole story behind a song tangible for the artist. Like a film director in sound.”



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Josephine Zwaan

"To me, producing means freedom. As a singer-songwriter it has allowed me to develop my own musical style and vision. It has given me independence and confidence in my tastes and beliefs.


As a producer I like nothing more than to help an artist discover his or her musical identity through sound. My approach is personal. Musically I strive for minimalism, contrasts, hooks and daring individuality."



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